Every good plan starts with a vision. Establishing a vision based on community values and public input is integral to the transportation planning process and is part of Utah’s Secret Sauce.

Utah’s approach to planning and delivering its transportation system provides a solid foundation for future decision-making. This approach has been referred to as Utah’s “secret sauce.” Simply put:

  • We look ahead to assess challenges and identify opportunities
  • We make a plan, including policy makers, transportation agencies, the public and other major stakeholders
  • We take action on our plans, assisting one another as needed

Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan is a strong representation of the Utah Way:

  • We look 30-years down the road
  • We bring everyone in the industry to the same table and work with shared financial and growth assumptions to create a shared definition of need and resources to meet the needs
  • We work with Utah’s elected and other leaders to make good decisions and deliver a system that supports communities, commerce and overall quality of life.

One of the ways transportation providers in Utah work together is regular meetings of the Joint Policy Advisory Committee, or JPAC.

In 2002, WFRC, MAG, UDOT and UTA, in close coordination with FHWA, established the Joint Policy Advisory Committee (JPAC). The role of the committee has evolved over the years to include CMPO and DMPO. Comprised of elected officials and senior transportation agency staff from across the state, JPAC provides oversight and guidance to the unified planning process.