Performance Measures


Goal: Reduce fatal and serious injuries on the transportation network. Data shows that since the year 2000, there has been a 29% reduction in traffic fatalities.

Economic Vitality

Two main objectives for improving Economic Vitality:

  1. Increase the number of jobs, services, and desired destinations Utahans can reach within a certain travel time.
    Goal: Create 17,000 more jobs along the Wasatch Front and 14,000 more jobs for the rest of Utah, with access within 20 minutes by auto as compared to today by the year 2050.
  2. Increase the miles of facilities available for active transportation.
    Goal: Create 46,000 more jobs along the Wasatch Front within 40 minutes of transit for the average household, by 2050 as compared to today.

Planned New Miles of Active Transportation

Planning AreaNew Miles of Active Transportation
Cache MPO174
Dixie MPO378
Total new miles planned between today and 20502,100
Source: MPO and Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plans

State of Good Repair

By keeping infrastructure in good condition and through consistent maintenance we can save investment dollars in the future.

Air Quality & Environment

Goal: Reduce emissions that adversely affect health, quality of life, and the economy.

Key mobile source ozone and PM2.5 emissions give us insight into the progress we are making. The goal is to attain a 54% reduction in mobile emissions statewide by 2050 as compared to today.


The issue of mobility in Utah is a factor that is important to everyone. Our communities are spread out and the ability to move about is a critical concern. There are 3 areas of focus for Mobility.

  1. Reduce vehicle hours of travel
  2. Increase the share of trips using non-single occupant vehicle model
  3. Improve reliability of system

Reduce vehicle hours of travel

By the year 2050, the outcome we are planning for with the Unified Plan, is 4.7 fewer days per year spent driving per average household as compared to today.

Increase the share of trips using non-single occupant vehicle modes

As part of the Unified Plan, we look at ridership as a measurement tool to help us reach the outcome of 123% increase in transit ridership from 2019 to 2050.