Road Usage Charge

Not only are transportation options changing; so is the way we fund the system. As cars become more fuel efficient and the fleet begins to change over from primarily gasoline-powered vehicles to electric, we must explore new and innovative funding mechanisms. The Road Usage Charge (RUC) is one such method. RUC is a potential replacement for the fuel tax. Instead of paying per gallon, drivers pay per mile. As vehicles become more fuel efficient and the number of electric vehicles grows, a per-mile fee is a fair and equitable way for drivers to pay for roadway operations and maintenance. In 2020, UDOT is implementing an initial RUC program. Fifty Three thousand vehicle owners are eligible to participate in the new RUC program out of the 2.6 million vehicles registered in Utah. This initial program will help us better understand the technology and customer experience so that Utah’s policymakers can make an informed decision about potential program expansion in the future.