One-Stop-Shop Transportation

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) aims to consolidate all modes of transport – bike sharing, car sharing, taxis, public transit – into one unified mobile service within a single app. By means of a unified payment platform, users can easily weigh their transit options and make economically, and environmentally, conscious choices. The idea of MaaS is appealing due to the high cost of the average vehicle ($30,000) and the actual time the vehicle is used; in many situations only 5% of the time.

There are three major advantages to MaaS: 

  1. Reduction in traffic. With fewer car owners, there may  be fewer cars on the road
  2. Investing in the local economy. Every time a car is purchased, the buyer’s purchasing power is displaced from the local economy. Monies that went towards purchasing a car would be used for other goods and services. 
  3. Job creation. With a spike in car sharing, taxis, public transit and other mobility services, local jobs will be generated