Community Planning: Growth, Infill Development

As many valleys in Utah run out of large pieces of vacant land, rates of growth can either increase exponentially in new valleys or land can be reused within the original valleys. The two options have significantly different impacts.  While we will certainly see both occur when land reinvestment absorbs the demands of growth, it means we will more easily benefit from manageable commuting times, and will not need to pay for as much new infrastructure. The air we breathe can also be cleaner since more residents could live and work in locations with transit choices. The question of where and how growth unfolds is one primarily for local governments as they work with landowners. There is no one-size-fits-all.  Each community has their own distinct vision for the future, for the places they want to create and how much or little they want to enable land reinvestment to occur. The transportation agencies of the Unified Transportation plan have coordinated this plan with those local desires for how and where growth unfolds.