Utah Valley eXpress (UVX)

Expanded Transportation Choice, Improved Health, Supported Economy

Often referred to as “light rail on rubber tires,” bus rapid transit (BRT) is an innovative, high-capacity public transit solution that can significantly improve urban mobility and increase travel choices in a community. This permanent, integrated system uses specialized articulated buses on roadways and dedicated lanes to quickly and efficiently transport passengers to their destinations.

UTA opened the Utah Valley Express (UVX) BRT line in August 2018. This line connects two FrontRunner commuter rail stations with major Utah Valley destinations such as universities, employment centers, shopping malls, and downtown Provo.  With 6-minute headways, riders have minimal wait time at stations, and can depend on the bus being available to get them to their destinations on time. It hit its two millionth rider in 2019, just  months after the opening of the service. 

UVX makes transportation in Utah Valley so much less frustrating. It goes everywhere I need to go and takes only a few minutes more than driving, while helping my health, my safety, my wallet and the environment. As a full-time student, UVX makes it possible for me to attend BYU while living in Salt Lake County.
– Parker Seegmiller, Senior at BYU

UVX averages weekday ridership of over 14,000 . This enormous increase of ridership demonstrates a changing atmosphere of transportation across Utah Valley and throughout the Wasatch Front.

UVX Alignment Average Monthly Weekday Boardings

-Jan 2018 to Jul 2018 include routes 830 and 838
-Aug 2018 to July 2019, UVX

Total UVX ridership Aug 2018 to Current is 2,213,368